Louis Pasteur Biography Facts And Information

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Louis Pasteur is one of the most famous and appreciated chemists and microbiologists to ever life. Louis Pasteur is a man who changed the life of millions of people and, in fact, the whole course of medicine history. Thanks to his work and discoveries, Louis Pasteur has brought an impressive contribution to the decrease of mortality caused by puerperal fever, as he is the inventor of the first vaccine for rabies. Although throughout the years, Louis Pasteur has managed to bring some of the most notable contributions to the development of science, he remains best known for putting the basis of the pasteurization process. Louis Pasteur is considered to be the founder of microbiology.

Louis Pasteur was born in December 27, 1822, in France. Louis Pasteur biography facts also indicate that the famous scientist mostly grew up in Arbois, France. Later on, Louis Pasteur earned a degree in Mathematical Sciences, but also one in Letters. Louis Pasteur biography shows that the famous microbiologist became a chemistry professor at the University of Strasbourg, where he actually met his wife. Louis Pasteur married Marie Laurent and the couple had five children, but only two of them survived. The tragedy in his personal life made Louis Pasteur dedicate himself to research, on his attempt to find cures for numerous conditions. And Louis Pasteur has definitely managed to leave an impressive legacy behind. The first major discovery for Louis Pasteur concerned the issues linked to the nature of tartaric acid.

However, Louis Pasteur’s work has been so amazing and complex that mentioning all his discoveries in science, findings that he managed to make known to the whole world, is quite a demanding task. Louis Pasteur died at the age of 72, on September 28, 1895, in France, near Paris. The man dedicated his entire life to science and study, so there is no wonder that throughout the years, he managed to find cures for many diseases, with impressive breakthroughs in many areas of medicines. During the years, Louis Pasteur has also published many books. Louis Pasteur was buried in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. However, his remains are now kept in a crypt within the Institute Pasteur, in Paris.

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